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    IA-B №0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года


The formation of a methodically competent teaching staff directly depends on the results of the activities of experienced teachers who successfully use innovative teaching technologies in their practice. At the College of the Eurasian Humanities Institute, the work of the school of experience was organized under the guidance of a teacher of special disciplines Shaikova G.K.

One of the topical areas of work of the school of experience is the introduction of a modular-competence approach to education. The created creative platform "Modular-Competence Approach to Teaching" brings together leading teachers who have experience in modular training in the specialty "Organization of hotel services" and "Tourism": Sadykova R.K., Musina A.Z., Shaikova G.K., Kussainov MT .. Teachers have undergone theoretical training, organized by NJSC "Kasypkor", participate in the development of educational documentation, systematize and adapt the educational and methodological complex in disciplines for modular training. Methodological recommendations of teachers and exchange of experience will become the basis for the teaching staff for the implementation of modular training in the specialties: "Information systems", "Translation studies", "Preschool education and training" and others.

The work of the creative platform "Dual Education" under the guidance of the teacher of special disciplines Shayakhmetova D.А. in the specialty "Preschool education and training".

The first year of work of the creative platform "Updated content of education" brought together teachers of general education disciplines under the leadership of A.T. Anetova.

A mentoring system has been successfully established, which is an effective and efficient way of professional development of a young specialist. Teachers Serkebaeva M.K., Ospanov A.E., Doschanova G.K., Zhakupova R.T., Kalieva A.G., Katrenova A.K., Sembina S.A. provide methodological assistance in the use of modern methods, techniques and educational technologies in the educational process, contribute to the formation of an individual style of activity of a young specialist.