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By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Election of the President of the Higher College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute

On February 17, 2023, presidential elections were held at the EAHI Higher college. The main purpose of the election of the College President was to strengthen the role of the student parliament in the education of students, the establishment of a democratic lifestyle, mutual demands, a sense of social justice, a healthy moral and psychological climate. From 9.00 to 19:00,

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Formation of anti-corruption culture among students

On February 15 2023, a meeting was held at the Higher College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute with an officer of the Prevention Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan A.Kenebayeva and pool speaker from among the youth of the Department of Anti-Corruption Service M.Arslanbek, who conducted a preventive conversation among 3rd year students on the topic: “Formation

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

“There are a thousand professions… Choose and get one!”

On December 19, the decade of the specialty 010100 “Preschool education and training” started at the EAGI Higher College The charity event “Charity is the task of every age” became an important and necessary event of the week. The necessary assistance was provided to families from socially vulnerable segments of the population. On the eve of the New Year holidays,

By - Колледж ЕАГИ


On the eve of the holiday “Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Higher College of the EAGI opened the first “live” show of the national Kazakh fashion. The first-year students presented the best images of clothes in the ethno-style. The contestants charmed everyone, forcing the audience to take a fresh look at national clothes. The participants demonstrated that

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Training “Conflict Management”

On November 30, 2022, the training “Conflict Management” was held at the EAGI Higher College. The training was conducted by L.I. Serikbaeva, head of the Charisma Center. The whole team participated. The training was very useful. The assessment of the condition, understanding of weaknesses, ways and methods of correcting conflict situations were determined. The techniques and tools obtained can be

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

The ceremonial dedication of first year students in Eurasian Institute of Humanities College

On November 1, 2022 year took place the ceremony of dedication of first-year students in Eurasian Institutes of Humanities College. The principal of the EAGI college – Ashirbekova Alma Dairovna made a declamation and wished to first-year students achievement of greater heights, implementations of courageous plans, and excellent marks in record books. Traditionally first-year students listened to manuals of undergraduates

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Development of modular educational programs in conditions of academic independence

On October 31, 2022, a seminar “Development of modular educational programs in conditions of academic independence” was held on the basis of the “Higher College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute”. Representatives of NAE “Talap” were invited to this seminar: chief managers of the TVET Content Department Kulmurat Zhanargul Kurmangazievna and Zhumabekova Marina Olzhabayevna. The participants of the seminar – teachers

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Teachers’ Day

30.09.2022. There was a concert on the theme of «Utsaz degen – Zharyk kūni ğalamnı», dedicated to the day. More than 43 students participated in the organization and holding of the concert. During the concert, 2 scenes were staged, which were attended by such students: Zhanbekova Taiba KYAL-21, Kisim Gulsisim KYAL-22, Ibrayeva Dayan PDr-22, Memenkhan Rauana KYA32, Zhienshen Shygyzkhan, Tuleutansar

By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan is a sign of friendship, kinship and unity of all citizens of the country

“Language is the strongest, most distinctive sign of a person’s humanity, his peculiar weapon!” Akhmet Baitursynuly From September 19 to September 23, within the framework of the celebration of the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, events were organized and held at the Higher college of Eurasian Humanities Institute that foster respect for the native language and languages