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    IA-B № 0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года

2014-2015 academic year

1. A personality-oriented approach, as a condition for working on the result in the learning process (recommendations in training)

2. Guideline of preparing and lecturing

3. Guideline for the organization of students’ independent work on subjects of special legal disciplines

4. Guidelines for the preparation of oral presentations (messages).

5. Guidelines for criteria-based assessment in the context of a credit system of education at EAGI College



2015-2016 academic year

1. Guidelines for the organization of independent work of students.

2. Guidelines for compilation of the compendium.

3. Guidelines for the control of knowledge and certification of students of secondary specialized educational institutions.

4. The essence of the Kazakh language and literature in formation of functional literacy of students

5. Guidelines for the preparation and design of the educational complex

6. disciplines on credit technology education

7. Guidelines for the organization of project activities of students



2016-2017 academic year

1. Guidelines of using game elements in biology course.

2. Guidelines for writing an essay.

3. Guidelines for teachers of special disciplines on the organization of preparation of students for OUPP.

4. Guidelines for the diagnosis of value orientations of students of secondary specialized educational institutions.



2017-2018 academic year

1. Guidelines for the preparation and conduct of mandatory control work.

2. Independent work of the student with the teacher on the language (Guideline).

3. Guideline on the structure of student research.

4. Guidelines for the development and implementation of exam tests in “mathematics”.



2018-2019 academic year

1. Methodological recommendations for educational practice.

2. Guidelines for assessing the level of achievement of basic and professional competencies of students in the educational process.

3. Guidelines for the development of documentation based on a modular competency-based approach