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  • Лицензия

    ISO 123 - 2020
  • Аккредитационное свидетельство

    IA-B № 0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года

The strategic goal of the development of the Committee on youth Affairs in the field of youth policy is to ensure the conditions of the educational process, as well as the full development and self-realization of personal qualities of students, able to make a worthy contribution to the development of Kazakhstan’s society.
The Committee on youth Affairs implements its projects and creates conditions for the fullest disclosure of creative potential in various areas of youth policy:

  • development of creative and intellectual potential,
  • implementation of youth initiatives and scientific activization,
  • involvement of students in sports,
  • military-Patriotic education,
  • involvement of students in creative associations
  • prevention of delinquency and drug addiction among young people.

Shonggerbai Alimzhan Birzhanuly

The Chairman of the Committee for youth Affairs of the College EAGI

Education: “Kazakh language and literature”

Contact information

Mobile phone: +77478644099