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    IA-B №0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года

Methodical Association of the curators

The MA of curators unites 35 curators of groups of all college courses and represents a team of like-minded students in educating students in accordance with the Concept of education in the system of continuous education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

MA curators have methodological experience in educational work with students. A portfolio of groups was created , a package of documents for the group’s asset was developed , which includes: Regulations on the group’s asset, rights and obligations of group members, functional duties of asset members.

At the meetings of the MA curators are discussed thematic and working issues of the plan for educational work. Based on the results of the discussion, decisions are made, the implementation of which is controlled by the head teacher for educational work.

Forms of work with curators are varied: seminars, workshops, trainings, round tables, questionnaires, discussions. The most popular and productive are trainings and workshops.   Curators have the opportunity to study at external courses conducted by the Department of Education of Astana and other public foundations.

An important and special form of work of the curator is the curator’s hour : for the curators of the 1st course – 4 times a month, once a month – for the curators of the 2nd and 3rd courses.

Group curators , taking into account the psychological and physical characteristics of students , carry out individual work and work with parents, thereby regulating the interaction between the college and the family.

At present, the MA curators are working on improving the forms and methods of individual work with students in the development of their intellectual and creative abilities.

Laura Bauirzhankyzy, Amirova

Руководитель кураторов*


Speciality: 5 B 020700 «Translation»

Qualification: «Translator»


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