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Methodical work is the activity of teachers to improve the level of professional skill and aimed at solving the main problem is training of completive specialists. Teachers have the opportunity to improve their skills through collective and individual work forms.
Methodological service works on a general theme called «The construction of a modern lesson as a condition of supplement of the professional education.
Methodological work is coordinated by methodological councils and includes fixed divisions.

Musina Aisulu Zeinullovna



Specialty: «Faculty of Natural Geography»

Qualification: «Teacher of Geography and Biology»

Higher category teacher

Work experience

Total experience – 30 years
Pedagogical experience – 30 years

Amangeldina Marzhan Amangrldinovna

Information technology methodologist


Specialty: «Information systems»

Qualification: «System engineer»

Work experience

Total experience – 20 years
Pedagogical experience – 18 years


Methodologist for IT technologies

The Information Technology methodologist organizes the work of teachers and students of the college on the application of information technologies. Analyzes the state of innovative work in the college and develops proposals to improve its effectiveness. Provides advisory and practical assistance to teachers in mastering computer literacy. Participates in the development of information materials, diagnostics, forecasting and planning of training, retraining and advanced training of teachers. Organizes the development, review and preparation for approval of electronic textbooks and presentation materials.

The leaders of the subject-cycle commissions are

• PCR general educational disciplines– Kasen Gulnafis Amanzholovna;
• PCR Kazakh and Russian languages –Toktybekova Altyn Esirkepovna;
• PCR of foreign languages – Magzam Asemgul Social;
• PCR disciplines of computer science and programming – Kaliyeva Aliya Gabbasovna;
• PCR preschool disciplines – Sembina Sandugash Amanovna;
• PCR socially – legal disciplines – Zhakupova Rayhan Telmanovna;
• PCR service, economics and management – Kusainov Mereke Tastybaevich;
• School of the young teacher – Doschanova Gulmira Kushekovna;
• School of Excellence –Shaikhova Gulnar;
• Scientifically-research circle of the students “Researcher” – Sadykov Zhuldiz Egeubaevna.

Directions of methodical work

1. Advanced training

• Non-profit Joint-Stock Company “Holding” Kasіpkor “Vocational Education Center;
• Branch of JSC NTsPK “Orleu” IPKPR Astana;
• National Scientific and Technical Center “Bobek” ;
• MES RK. The World Bank. Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance of Education;
• RIPKSO. Almaty;
• Republican Scientific and Practical Center “Daryn”;
• “Republican educational and methodical center of additional education”;
• Training centers: “Center for Business Education”;
• Training centers: Damu Asia;
• Competence Development Center “ASTANA EDUCATION”;
• School of English “I CAN SPEAK ENGLSH”.

2. Certification of teachers

Indicators of teacher certification for three years

Category 2014-2015
academic year
academic year
academic year
academic year
1 Supreme 7 2 9 8 26
2 The first 4 1 5
3 The second 3 4 2 4 13
total 14 7 11 12 44

Indicators of teacher in centives

There were material and moral rewards. Material: bonuses, advanced training, travel expenses, financing college events. Moral: incentives in the workbook, presentation of certificates, gifts, public rewards, awarding honorary titles, honoring.

list of rewards 2014-2015

academic year.


academic year.


academic year.


academic year.

1 Awards of nation importance 1 1 2 1
2 Certificate of  management of education 6 9 11 2
3 College  certificate 3 10 8 5
4 Akim’s certificate 1 1
5 Other organization 5 4 6 4
6 Material incentives 3800 4300 5000

Chest badges

Excellent worker, education of the republic of Kazakhstan 4
Education is an innovator 10
“Қазақстан Республикасының Тәуелсіздігіне 25 жыл» chest sign” 1
Medal of Labor Valor 1
Medal of A.Altynsarin 1

Indicators publishing work

Relevant is the topic of information culture of the teacher. At the methodical council, conclusions were drawn that the teaching staff is fluent in computer skills and use technical training tools in their work. The level of ICT competence is in college: the base level is 70%, the high level is -30%.
We attach great importance to the publishing work of teachers.

Academic years  Quantitative edition
 2014-2015у  18
 2015-2016у  27
 2016-2017у  2
 2017-2018у 27

Research activities

The focus of the methodological service is the improvement of the research culture of both teachers and students. The development of research competence becomes real when the teachers are able to prepare both themselves and students for this level of work.

The main form of research work of students in the college was the activity of the Scientific Student Circle “Researcher”.
For students, the program was developed “Fundamentals of Research”.
Creative work is practiced in the form of essays, reports, sociological research. Creative tasks are performed by students during practice, as well as during the coursework.
It has become traditional to participate in scientific conferences of the TPE in Astana. The works of EAGI college students are presented at the city, republican conferences of TPE Astana and universities.

Indicators of student participation in scientific-practical conferences

Years Total participants 1st place 2nd  place 3d  place Nomination Certificates
2014-2015 148 5 10 14 16 99
2015-2016 87 4 6 6 15 58
2016-2017 49 1 2 2 44
2017-2018 51 3 7 5 3 33

Indicators of participation of teachers in scientific-practical conferences

Along with students, college teachers participate in republican and city scientific conferences, which are a creative platform for the exchange of views, teaching experience, and analysis of creativity.

2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 total
1 Teachers 8 19 19 21 67