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By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Miss of college EAGI-2018

Dazzling smiles, breathtaking numbers and irresistible outfits all filled the conference hall of the Eurasian Institute of Humanities , on 28th February, in 2018, where the beauty contest “Miss of college EAGI 2018” was held.
It has become a tradition to hold an annual beauty and creativity contest since 2008. Representatives of modeling agencies were invited: Jaslan Miras – the ambassador of international companies “Velada group”,
Alina Iglinskaya – representative of the modeling agency “Fashion Provocation”
Kuregenova Zhadi – Founder of the dance group “ARIZONA”
Sagidolla Adilet is a participant of Kazakhstan fashion week and Kenesova Diana – “Miss Karaganda – 2013”, “Ms. Bikini CIS-2014”, which worthily appreciated the talent and beauty of our contestants.
13 beautiful college girls competed for the title “Miss of college EAGI-2018”, they showed a variety of creative numbers – acting scenes, songs, dressing shows, dances, gymnastics studies … But the most striking and memorable was the story told with the help of ballroom dance , I Vice-Miss EAGI – Anastasia Kundrikova. The hearts of the jury also captivated the acting skills of the II Vice-Miss EAGI-Ainura Abdugaliyeva.
The winner of the tenth official beauty contest “Miss of college EAGI ” was a bright, unordinary, very talented and pretty girl – Diana Ylyukenova, with which we congratulate her! The competition is over, the sets have been removed, and we are already beginning to wait for the organizers to surprise us next year.