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Socio – psychological training for students living in a hostel

The process of adaptation of students in a hostel is directly related to social changes in various aspects of life in modern society. The main component of adaptation is a new social environment, a new collective , a system of educational relations and a new role that has a positive and negative impact on the process of adaptation of students. On November 27, 2018 for the students living in the hostel, the training “We are together” was held by the psychologist of the college A. Beketova. The goal of which was to rally the team of students living in a hostel, to adapt to a new social situation of development. Development of effective interaction skills, acquisition of activity skills. All participants of the training actively performed various exercises. The guys opened both for themselves and for others on the other hand, since the training was held in an informal atmosphere. In the course of the training, students worked in groups, the groups constantly changed, which gave effectiveness in interaction during joint activities.