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    IA-B №0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года
By - Колледж ЕАГИ

The EAGI college team is at the top

According to the Calendar plan for
2019-2020 academic year Nur – Sultan Department of Education organized the competition on military –sport work among the colleges of the city. On the 1 of October 2019 in the college KAZ UTB was organized the competition “TheDefender of Motherland “where were offered different kinds of sport exercises for revealing special capabilities in sport activities.In this competition took part such students as: from the group
• Bolat Zhanibek– ISK 21
• Kenzhebulatov Temirlan–PR11
• Duisen Azamat –PDK 11
• Mukashev Almaz – TR-1
• Gusakova Evelina – PR -1,
• Gumanova Erkenaz –DVR 11
• Kabilai Nurali – PK 11.
Students compete in 5 kinds of sport as: pulling up, wrinkling hands, lifting body, jumping, unbending. As the result of competing the team of our college ranked the 2d place among the city’s colleges and were considered to be thebest team among them