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    IA-B №0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года
By - Колледж ЕАГИ

Dual training system

The dual training system is a technology of teaching theory in combination with production.
Students of the 2nd year of the specialty “basic secondary education” of the Higher College of the Eurasian Humanitarian Institute have completed an experimental program on the dual system of education planned for the current academic year. In the program of practice of dual training in the 1st semester, the module “KM – 01” fully fulfilled the work plan for “Introduction to linguistics”, “Introduction to literary studies”, “modern Kazakh language”, “history and theory of the Kazakh language”, “Kazakh language workshop”, “oral folk art”, “literature of antiquity In the disciplines “Kazakh language”,”Kazakh literature” for the 2nd semester, the final report of dual training in the module “KM-02″,”Pedagogy”,”Psychology”,”Ethnopedagogy”,”methods of educational work” was heard. In addition, at the end of the year, students were able to familiarize themselves with the plan of educational work of the school, with the documents of classroom teachers, with the methods of organizing educational work with students, to hold their own event.
The students reacted positively to the dual training program, and the experiment will be continued next academic year. The college administration also appreciated the students’ work well.