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    IA-B №0128 от 23 декабря 2019 года
By - Колледж ЕАГИ

«Pacing 1С»

The graduates of the «Information al system» major of college of the EAHI got the lucky advantage to meet the employers, representativesof1C industry, to learn the prospects for professional and career growth in the field of 1Cwithin the meeting organized by the 1C company management.
Student’ comments:
Sultan Bahtybayev: The even twos really good organized, online-registrationandnotificationofanupcomingmeeting.Attheentrancetheycheckedregistrationcardandgavenumberstoeachperson. The participants were divided into 4 groups by means of the cards in order to conduct small teambuilding works hops ,as well as self-determination by students of groups of functions of robots/computers in production.
Alibek Bulatov: Three speak eras occupying main positions in Kazakhstan 1C companies delivered their speech. In my opinion, the best speak are was Ardak who is the director of Ken Kost LLP.
He briefly talked about his career growth and what should1C employ and do: programming, implementation and sale of base1C.
Sergey Berezhnoy: it was very interesting to participate in the test interview with the employer. We were notified about the opportunity to practice at one of the companies, and I would like to try myself in this area.
Students were keenly interested in many questions. Some active participants received pens as the symbolic prizes.

11th December 2018