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International competitions in “Extreme Athletics” Race Nation Burabay

On September 29, in the picturesque location of the ski-jumping complex in Shchuchinsk, the iconic race for power endurance Race Nation Burabay, held by the team “Extreme athletics” with the support of the akimat of Akmola region, MIA “Kazinform” reports with reference to the Department of internal policy of the region.
Race Nation Burabay-2019 is held in the framework of the project “Four seasons” and is timed to the international day of tourism, reports . RACE NATION or “RACE of the NATION” is an impressive cross-country race with artificial obstacles. The unique race gathered about 500 athletes from all over Kazakhstan, as well as Russia, Turkey and Tajikistan. The 5 km long track accommodates 27 unique obstacles-handrails, walls and ramps, weight transfer and barbed wire-all this makes you work to the limit.
Results of this competition:
2 place baytasov Alisher in section ” Open.”
6 place-Danilevsky Alexander
5th place-Esembaev Tamerlan,
Other athletes entered the top ten.